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I have been shopping at store #178 a long time,I have lived in this area for 10 years. The clerks at the store are always pleasant and overall the store is a clean and friendly store. However I am very disappointed in the Deli deparment. Everytime I go in the employees act as though I am disturbing them from the job duty. I was in yesterday (05/23/10) and asI was standing there being helped another customer was there and we both looked at each other as if she was thinking the same thing I was and I said to the other customer, "I hate this Deli, they are never friendly here" and she agreed. I cringe every time I to the Deli counter. I would have to say I had ONE good experiece there and I am sorry I did not get the employees name. I have even gone to Albertsons on the other side of Apple Valley to avoid going into #178 Deli. I was a retail manager for 18 years, I understand we all have bad days, but this has been very consistent for a long time. I should have brought it up to the manager, but I would think the Manager would observe this in the store. I am the type of customer that says please and thank you, I am not rude therefore I don't believe it is right for the employees to not return the same curteousy. They never smile, they all act as though they hate there job. I dont know if anyone else complains, but I really do't enjoy going to the Deli section. I hope you take this under consideration.


Karrie Wade

kwade66@ verizon.net

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We all do hate our jobs, but the economy stinks so we can't go elsewhere.

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