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Stater Brothers Grocery store, Cypress CA. As we were about to eat our food from the deli at home, we found feathers inside the chicken's meat.

We were able to pull them straight out, 4 of them. On their fried chicken. Service is always good, but their food is not what we were hoping.

They always run out of food, so if one day you go into that store's deli and ask for salad, chicken, fried potatoes, etc.......don't get surprised when they tell you that they are out of them, what a way to manage inventory at that store.

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Kashi brand ORGANIC cereals is a LIE!!! It's 95% GENETICALLY MODIFIED!!!

Why do you lie to your customers like that?? Your soda waters ALL contain ASPARTAME! Another lie you sell your trusting customers. I've shopped only with you for 20 years, but you've lost a customer here because you are in cahoots with Monsanto.

How could you not be when you sell their poisons to people who trust you for good, clean food.

I'm going to see to it that everyone I know....they know, etc. see's you for what you are.


i cant believe that as an employee of stater brothers you would actualy write on here. not to mention the employee that works in the deli. i would be very upset if you where my employee :sigh


i work at the stater brothers deli in store 135 in placentia california. i dont know what is going on at all of these other stores with the chicken or the mismanagement of inventory but that seems to be a problem with the deli manager not being in control of her deli or her emplyees. our manager runs a tight ship and keeps us in line so stuff like this doesnt happen.


i work in a stater bros service deli. i won't eat anything there.

you are totally telling the truth about the chicken feathers.

nobody who cooks the chicken ever bothers to pull them out.gross. also when perishible food is delivered, it sometimes sits out for hours,even all day sometimes before someone will put it away.


Every store is not the same as is every manager. It sounds like they need a new service deli manager.

One that knows what he or she is doing when it comes to ordering and inspecting his or her product.

The Stater Bro. I go to is always on top of things and great food when I get home to eat it!

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