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Couple of problems with this store & the corporation in general.

BE CAREFUL OF THEIR NEWEST PROMOTION - DIGITAL COUPON!S!!! There is NO WAY TO OPT OUT of 3rd party information sharing. If you call their customer service office, they LIE on the phone & tell you they don'[t share your info. ***. The privacy statement clearly states they do may share information.

This is an old store, it's dark, dated & inventory is limited on some things. Like all chains, they have only so much shelf space, so they put in what they THINK will sell. I no longer shop exlusively at Staters. They also keep stale dated product on their shelves.

As regards the butcher shop of Staters, boy, you gotta keep your eye on what they weigh when you ask for meet. The ALWAYS, without exception weigh more than you ask for, then look at you sidewawys when you tell them, NO, that is not what I asked for, pull some of that out.

And last - I don't like their attitudes. For that matter, the attitudes of many of the retail establishments in my geo-graphic area leaves something to be desired. If I had the seed money, I'd open a store & show people what REAL customer service is like.

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