I have been a customer for over 20yrs. Due to being retired and also thrifty I wait until new add comes out in mail to compare prices and sales from previous week.

Then I go and purchase sale items on Tuesday afternoon. I also do this because checkers dont tell you to wait it will b e on sale next week. So every time I go they run out of the product usually the meat and will not cut more.Same with a holiday, they always run out. I cant imagine they cant figure the percent of people who will buy.

Heck if it doesnt sell that week make it a special the next if you olver buy. I go to Vons and Traders where I know I c an get what I want.They are not as conveientand meat not as good but customer service is GREAT!

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San Diego, California, United States #677096

you go on the last day of the sale expecting everything to b fully stocked? why dont you go in on Wednesday when the add starts and plan ahead?


First of all, checkers don't know when items will go on sale. They are simply checking your food out.

People who know all about that are from the corporation. Second, you can ask for RAIN CHECKS! If an item is sold out they happily give you a rain check.

Third, the store is not in charge of putting items on sale or not. That is planned out in the CORPORATION.

to annoymous #704510

Thats because everything these days is done my computers . They won't know tell the day of the sale.

Don't yell at employee's because they don't know.

If U R buying the food then U should know the prices U R paying . It's like going to a retail a day after black friday looking for that movie you want on sale , it's not going to happen.

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