A couple of day prior to Easter 2013, I slipped an fell on something slick that was on the floor of the coffee aisle.My right foot slipped out from under me and went under the shopped cart.

The lower rack on the shopping cart torn open my right leg. 5 Stitches were required to close the wound. Due to my age I also required 5 weeks of Wound Care to enable healing. Stater Bros.

has denied my claim, for no apparent reason.

Why should I and my Insurance be required to pay for an accident that happened in their Store, solely due to their lack of policing the aisles during a Holiday Shopping Period.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Lawyer up.It happend in the store and they are responsible.You should also go for pain and suffering and they should pay all medical.


It is not the stores fault if they are following sweep procedures properly.If another customer spills something right before you got there how would your slip be the stores fault?

That is unreasonable expectations and intimately liability falls on you not the store unless you can prove that the manager knew that a hazardous situation was present and did not react to it in a timely manner.

Be careful.Sometimes it is your own basket that is leaking something that you placed in it...

Wauconda, Illinois, United States #800159

I'm 91.Sometimes, I too, get a little overly excited by Stater's BYGO sales, that a little dribble will escape.

Your first mistake was not high tailing it to the next isle, to avoid the inevitable slip and fall.

Either that, or wear a pad.I hope this helps.


Whoa!5 stitches!

Ouch! 5 whole stitches? What a nightmare...

How does a person fight through the horror of having 5 stitches????

You were probably walking like a *** through the store!


Did they get you fall on one of their cameras?If they did, they could determine whether or not there was actually something on the floor.

But you are expecting an awful lot if you expect any store to get spills wiped up instantly. For all you know the spill could have happened right before you hit it. As far as that goes, it could be said that you weren't paying attention to where you were going. Have you been fighting the claim or did your insurance pay your expenses and they in turn are trying to get the store's insurance to reimburse them.

It usually works better if one insurance company fights another one instead of an individual does the fighting.That being said, why are you waiting for a year to complain here.

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